Hicksville Bombers - Danger Road

This is the 2018 10" limited Edition Vinyl release of 'Danger road' by The Hicksville Bombers-


Danger Road,

One Night,

Victims of Love,

Stand up and fight,

Beast from the east,

The man you want me to be,

Red Right Hand,

Goodbye Roger that, over and out.

The vinyl also features a free download card that includes the above tracks and 3 bonus tracks-

Jungle Rock,

Bombs Away

Blind eye white lie.

all the tracks are written by The Hicksville Bombers, except Victims of love (Volker Houghton) and covers of The Peaky Blinders 'Red Right Hand' and 'Jungle Rock'

There is a discount if you want to buy a record and the CD together-


Danger Road- Options

Hicksville Bombers - Danger Road CD

Hicksville Bombers - Voodoo Doll

 This is the Western-star release of 'Voodoo Doll' it contains 15 original tracks including the popular Stroller 'I've changed my mind'

 1 – Real rockin’ party

 2 – Low on gas

 3 – Voodoo doll

 4 – Until the day I die

 5 – So hot, she’s cool

 6 – Can’t buy your goodbye

 7 – Deal with the Devil

 8 – Ready to rumble

 9 – Hold your head up high

10 – Take care of my heart

11 – I’ve changed my mind

12 – Memphis cat

13 – Love substitute

14 – I’m here if you want me there

15 – Shuffle home boogie

Rockabilly Riot Album - western-star

Latest Compilation album from western-star records featuring The Hicksville Bombers and Sharna-Mae & The Mayhems with the Best Rockabilly artists from western-star


Buy it here-

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