From the recording Deal With The Devil

When i wrote this song i had the film 'O'Brother wher art tho' in my head and thinking that Rock'n'roll was called the Devils music in the 50's, the words just flowed out and the song was wrote really in a matter of minutes.
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Done a deal with the Devil,
Gone and sold my soul,
Done a deal with the Devil
and to his hell i'll go,
i got what i want but he got much more i know.

The Devil he asked me 'did i want anything?
do i told that Devil 'That i wish that i could sing' i got my voice but my soul to him i bring.

I sold my soul to the Devil,
a singing voice he gave to me, but my soul for the Devil,
he'll keep eternally.

When i sing my heart out,
it feels so heavenly,
when i'm singing with the Devil he sings along with me,
from the heart i sing but my soul will not be free.

I play the Devils music,
this Rockin's here to stay,
the Devil gave me what i want, i'll pay him back some day,
but for now i'm happy to live my life this way.