From the recording Ready to Rumble

<p>a true story,</p>


<p>Well i'm ready to rumble, I was watching you, as you where watching me as soon as i walked in the room,</p>
<p>i knew you had a score to settle, your eyes told me real soon,</p>
<p>If tonights the night, then that's alright, coz i ain't backing down,</p>
<p>a lesson or two, your gonna learn cause i don't want you around.</p>
<p>If tonights the nights, then thats alright, if tonights the night, i'm ready to fight,</p>
<p>if tonights the night, i'm looking for trouble, if tonight the night, we'll put things right, i'm ready to rumble.</p>
<p>I knew she used to be your girl, and i stole her away,</p>
<p>but the way that you mistreated her, i knew she just couldn't stay,</p>
<p>instead of hitting that poor girl, take it out on me, a punch you'll throw, and then you'll know,how hard a punch can feel,</p>
<p>Now i'm a guy, who don't like to fight, i'd rather just walk away,</p>
<p>but when i'm pushed, and it feels right, i know i'd rather stay,</p>
<p>so grab your gloves, and step outside, there's a dance that we can do,</p>
<p>weapons free a good fist fight, i'm gonna give you what your due.</p>