1. Danger Road

From the recording Danger Road



I’m standing at the cross roads, Trying to read the signs,
Giving me directions, wondering which ones right,
Trying to make my mind up, which one I should choose,
Knowing that the one I pick is either win or lose.

Take the long road,
on a path that’s pathed with gold?
Or do I take the short cut?
And take my chances on Danger road.

The long road will be safer, long and so wide,
Signs to help you get there, it’ll be an easy ride.
Short cut has it’s pitfalls, danger on every bend,
Take it at your peril, find a dark dead end.


Those that make the choices, must face the consequence
Make the right decision and with confidence
Action speaks much loader than words can be said,
Make the right decision, not knowing what lies ahead


Looking at the short cut I can see the pot of gold,
I’ve heard all the warnings can’t say I ain’t been told.
Some have gone and done it and embraced the pain,
Others they went on the trip but never seen again.