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The Harley Davidson Super Rally 2015

Well what can we say????

what a gig must be the best one of the year, The Bombers headlined the Rock'n'roll stage at the Harley Davidson super rally which wasn't the main stage, but within' a short time word got around and the hall we played was packed to the rafters and the main stage half full, we where told there was over 22,000 people booked in and more still arriving, we where told to play between 9.30 and 11.30 but have a break in the middle, we played to a wild crazy audience from all over europe and the first time we checked the time it was 11.00, so decided to carry on without a break, then with encores it was well after 12 when we came of stage lol, but we could have carried on, Sharna-mae got up with James and did a spot to a room full of photographers and they loved it, loads of enquiries to play Germany, Belgium, Denmark, what a great gig thanks to the promotors that booked us and well done to the DJ Little Annie-leigh, John and Brenda for the DJ'ing.

still on a high lol.


50's Mayhem Madness

What a top weekender we played in Helston Cornwall, it was a fun raiser as well and raised over £1000 for the War Veterans, some great local bands and great people, sold loads of the new album and nearly out of T-Shirts, thanks to Jackie and Kev for all there hospitality and Mike for the sound, hope to see you all again soon.

Meanie Bo Beanies

What a great gig playing for the Scooter crowd as part of the Scooter weekender in Skegness, The Bombers where able to let loose and play a neo-rockabilly set consisting of there own songs and some covers including the meteors, great gig great fun.

Claire Downers Birthday party

The Hicksville Bombers would like to thanks Claire and Tim for booking the Bombers and Sharna-mae for her 50th birthday party, and wow what a great party it was, so many cool jivers, cool rockin' cats, some VIP's - The Rattlers, Little carl, Si, good to see Nigel there in every photo as usual  ha ha great fun, catch you somewhere soon



The Lumley Rockin' weekender

A big thanks to everyone who was at The Lumley Rockin' weekender 2015, great to see Moggie Dooley there and for his encouraging comments for Sharna-mae, funny to think he booked The Hicksville Bombers for our first proper Rock'n'roll weekender in Skegness over 20 years ago.

Thanks to Brian for booking the Bombers and giving Sharna-mae a chance as well, sorry my flies where open on the last set and thanks for pulling them up for me, had to change the key for a few songs though lol.

catch you all soon and hope you all like the new songs and CD 


Cheers The Hicksville Bombers 


Emma Thorpe Wedding

18 years ago we played a 40th birthday party, half way through the night the lights kept going on and off, Bryn suggested it was Elvis contacting us and said flash twice if it is, and it did. The Bombers continued and after every song would ask 'Elvis' for his approval 2 flashes, last night we played Emma Thorpe's wedding to which she confessed it was her playing with the light switch, we really thought it was Elvis, but as you where very little we will forgive you. What a great wedding party though and thanks to everyone there The Hog roast, Bernie the Bentley, the dancers doing the microwave and the horse and the pole dancers great night thanks, just keep Emma away from the light switch lol.

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Hicksville Bombers at The Vintage Festival

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