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Bombers in Belfast

just got back from a tour of Belfast, Friday night we played at The Titanic museum for a diversity and equality awards evening, 

Prince Harry and Meghan where in the building and it where very nervous when the Bomb Squad police asked us what the name of our band was? we whispered the Bombers part but luckily they saw the funny side and did laugh along with us. Great night and thanks to Emma Bardsley for booking us, The Titanic venue was spectacular, As we where in Belfast anyway we got in touch with Victor Gillespie and said do you want us to play as all expenses have already been covered, we played at McKennas bar at quite short notice and wow what a party, great people and genuine music entuasiasts. 

We stopped at a hotel called Abbeydene that has so much history in it including having had presidents stopped there, it is run by Tim Clifford another music  enthusiast that really looked after us with breakfasts and meals aswell as great conversations about music.

 A real pleasure to meet some old and make some new friends, hopefully it won’t be 10 years before we are back again.


Dave, Landon and Paul

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